Addiction Treatment Ottawa

Addiction Treatment Planning & Assessment

In order to get addiction treatment in Ottawa, below is our addition treatment plan is a written document that:

In Ontario, there are two methods to attend in patient treatment for Addiction and/or Mental Health.

One, there are treatment Centres that are provincially funded, meaning you can attend at no cost to you.  This sounds great but the wait time can be anywhere from one month to six months.  An assessment is required and you must meet at least 72 hours’ abstinence before admission. Addiction treatment planning will identify which treatment centre is best suited to your needs with consideration of wait times.

Two, there are many private treatment centres in Ontario at which admission may be possible within 24 hours. Not all treatment centres are equal and I am familiar with all reputable addiction treatment centres in Ontario. The cost for private treatment centres currently ranges from about $13,000 to $28,000 per month.

The cost for treatment planning is priced per individual case.  There are many variables such as, assessments, withdrawal, length of time you or your family will need support before attending treatment, transportation and location of the centre.

When it comes to attending addiction treatment, there is no one size fits all.

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