Addiction Treatment Ottawa

Addiction Treatment Planning & Assessment

Ottawa Addiction Treatment Services & Interventions has partnered with Metamorphosis Addiction and Mental Health to offer inpatient addiction treatment and mental health treatment to residents from Ottawa and surrounding areas at Metamorphosis Centre for Change located in Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

Metamorphosis Centre for Change is a privately funded concurrent disorder treatment provider, meaning we treat both addiction and mental health. Help with financing can also be arranged, if needed.

A summary of our services is as follows:

Addiction and Mental Health Disorders Treated

Requirements for Admission

Be 18 years old or older
You are able to perform a reasonable level of self-care, including, eating, grooming and maintaining orderliness in your living quarters
You express motivation and a willingness to live in a treatment environment and pursue a sober life.

We do not treat the following

Although we are uniquely qualified to deal with most addiction and underlying mental health issues, we cannot address the following:

  • Active and untreated psychosis
  • Active eating disorders
  • Sex offenders
  • Severe brain injury
  • Active or unmanaged self-harm
  • Active or unmanaged violence or aggression
  • Individuals unable to live in a community setting
  • Intake Assessment and Interventions, if needed,  are completed with our Ottawa office.
  • Transportation can be provided from Ottawa each Friday.
Please call for a consultation or intake questions: 613-602-5940
Although you can arrange intake directly in Wasaga Beach we prefer Ottawa area intakes be completed in Ottawa so we may better support you after you complete treatment with us.
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