Alcohol Abuse Ottawa

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Ottawa

Ottawa Addiction Treatment Services & Interventions helps their clients with managing withdrawal, anxiety, depression, family dynamics and conflicts.

If you or someone you know suffers from alcohol abuse in Ottawa, our addiction counseling services start with a free phone consultation. The treatment plans that we offer include written documents that identify our clients most important addiction treatment goals.

They also describe timely and measurable steps toward achieving those benchmarks. The written documents we use for alcohol abuse in Ottawa reflects mutually beneficial agreements between the client and therapist.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Ottawa

Our alcohol addiction treatment in Ottawa methods are individualized. These services are located in Britannia Beach and they include outpatient treatment. This covers patients who cannot attend due to work commitments or family obligations. The outpatient services offered can be an excellent solution for you or one of your loved ones.

We are dedicated to making sure you overcome your struggles with addiction.

Our schedule for outpatient sessions includes group meetings for dealing with anxiety and depression. During these sessions, patients will discover anxiety symptoms and depression triggers. We cover the relationship between emotions, sensations and thoughts in these sessions.

Negative Thinking

The goal is to teach our patients to recognize negative ways of thinking. These sessions will help them to develop coping mechanisms for depression and anxiety that are healthy.

The alcohol addiction treatment in Ottawa services we offer also help patients to manage their emotions. They will help you to recognize different feelings as they happen. You’ll be able to be aware of thoughts and moods and handle your feelings accordingly.

Alcohol Rehab in Ottawa

The Alcohol rehab in Ottawa tools we use include relapse prevention. These groups cover a variety of different topics including discussions about how addiction works and why people become dependent. The focus of these group discussions is preventing reoccurring behavior that leads to relapsing.

Mindfulness relapse prevention uses several different tools including increased awareness to allow patients to cope with the triggers that can cause a problem.

Sober Coaching

Ottawa Addiction Treatment Services & Interventions also offers sober coaching in Ottawa for those patients who have just completed a treatment program. Patients supply drug and drinking histories in a private and confidential setting.

Mental health concerns and a history of other traumatic events are also included. From there, customized plans and strategies can be developed that meet individual alcohol rehab in Ottawa goals.