Cocaine/Crack Abuse in Ottawa

Cocaine/Crack Addiction Treatment Ottawa

If you are suffering from cocaine/crack abuse in Ottawa, we can help with a variety of different services. Ottawa Addiction Treatment Services & Interventions can also provide interventions for loved ones. This process is designed to help a troubled person and motivate them to seek help and change.

These interventions start before the person suffering through the addiction is even spoken to. This process begins when it’s obvious an addicted person needs outside help. The intervention involves the support from business associates, closest friends and family.


These interventions are structured and need to be supported by a professional. We offer the services of professional intervention mediators. The structure allows family members to express feelings in such a way they are not viewed as confrontational or harsh.

The process needs to be heartfelt but firm at the same time. Let us help you by coordinating tactics with your family. The goal here is to save someone who is suffering from the ravages of cocaine/crack abuse in Ottawa.

Cocaine/Crack Addiction Treatment in Ottawa

The counseling process begins with a free telephone consultation. Once we decide to move forward with our services, face-to-face meetings will take place. Successful cocaine/crack addiction treatment in Ottawa allows us to put together the necessary details so we understand your needs.

Outlining and putting together a recovery plan is the next step. This can involve a series of one-on-one personal appointments. Please ask about the public-service health care plan forms that are available.

Families are often confused about whether they are helping or enabling people with substance abuse issues. Navigating through complicated systems and trying to find a beginning point for the services they need can be frustrating. Ottawa Addiction Treatment Services & Interventions supplies the tools that allows families to offer their support.

Cocaine/Crack Rehab in Ottawa

Tim Deloughery  is a cocaine/crack rehab in Ottawa specialist. He is a native of the Ottawa Valley area who is always been interested in counseling. Tim attended treatment in 2005 and has worked for two decades in the health services sector.

He is a certified Canadian Addiction Counselor and a Certified Clinical supervisor/addiction Counselor. Tim has learned the importance of abstinence and having a balance. He is a hiker, cyclist and water skier who enjoys the fresh air. He also has more than a decade of experience working in hospitals and treatment centres.

Tim has been instrumental in creating evidence-based programs tackling addiction.