Methamphetamine Abuse Ottawa

Methamphetamine/Speed Addiction Treatment Ottawa

Tackling methamphetamine/speed abuse in Ottawa means having goals. A good way of deciding what those are is through sober coaching. Ottawa Addiction Treatment Services & Interventions offers this service for patients who have just completed their treatment. Sober coaching is also beneficial for people who find their drug and alcohol consumption increasing.

This is an excellent investment demonstrating how serious you are about changing your life.

Here’s how it works.

You’ll be asked to supply a confidential history of your drinking and drug consumption. You will also be asked about any mental health issues and traumatic events that have led to methamphetamine/speed abuse in Ottawa.

It’s also important to share any treatments that you’ve already tried with us. We are also interested in the goals you hope to reach. With that information in place, a 15 minute free consultation will be arranged.

This will determine if sober coaching will work for you.

Methamphetamine/Speed Addiction Treatment in Ottawa

Ottawa Addiction Treatment Services & Interventions designs customized  treatment plans with your objectives in mind. These are specifically designed as roadmaps involving relapse prevention techniques.

The Methamphetamine/speed addiction treatment in Ottawa techniques we use involve developing a personal plan for change. The goal is to increase self-esteem and self-confidence with a new lifestyle that moves beyond substance abuse.


There are also outpatient treatment services available. These are designed for people who have family obligations or work commitments that keep them from attending personally.

One of the groups we offer deals with codependency. It centres on developing healthy relationships. Often we rely on other people excessively and codependency is the word for these unhealthy relationships.

Healthy Relationships

These groups can help you to learn how to become independent and to grow from the mistakes you make. These sessions can help you build rewarding healthy relationships and set the boundaries that will enhance your self-esteem.

Methamphetamine/Speed Rehab in Ottawa

Other outpatient sessions include treatments for anxiety and depression. The relationship between emotions, sensations and thoughts is important. It’s an essential part of our methamphetamine/speed rehab in Ottawa services.

These sessions will help you to understand how substance abuse can contribute to anxiety. You’ll be able to recognize destructive ways of thinking when you graduate. Other groups offer techniques for managing intense emotions.

Being able to recognize feelings as they occur can help prevent relapse.