Nicotine Abuse Ottawa

Nicotine Addiction Treatment Ottawa

Ottawa Addiction Treatment Services & Interventions can help those suffering from nicotine abuse in Ottawa. We have services that are specifically designed to help clients with managing anxiety, depression and withdrawal.

Our treatment sessions look at a variety of issues including family conflicts and dynamics. We can help you get to the root of your addictive behavior by looking at your life and emotional issues.

We offer a variety of services including help navigating provincially funded treatment centre admission processes. If you are a loved one is suffering from nicotine abuse in Ottawa, we can supply a path forward.

We offer a variety of different services including family counseling and addiction counseling. Interventions, sober coaching and addiction treatment assessments and planning are also available.

Nicotine Addiction Treatment in Ottawa 

Tim Deloughery has gone through a successful treatment program himself. He has dedicated himself to learning all that he can about addiction since that time. Tim has a background of working in hospitals and treatment centres. He is  an addiction counselor and Director of Programming.

Tim brings that portfolio to his nicotine addiction treatment Ottawa facility. He is a Canadian certified addiction counselor and belongs to the Canadian Addiction Counselors Certification Federation.

Past Struggles

Through his past struggles with addiction, Tim has learned that balance and abstinence are important. He’s a cyclist, hiker and cross-country skier. He documents these adventures on social media and lives in Ottawa with his wife.

The treatment services he offers include interventions. These are specifically designed to help a troubled person seek the change and help they need. These interventions are firm and at the same time compassionate.

They have a goal of allowing your loved ones to highlight the behaviors that present an issue. More often than not this is drug or alcohol abuse.

Nicotine Rehab in  Ottawa

Our Nicotine Rehab in Ottawa treatment plan includes a written document. These are specifically designed to bridge the gap between treatment and assessment. Each one of these written documents is individualized and it identifies the client’s most important benchmarks and goals.

These incorporate a series of measurable steps that need to be completed in specific times. Ottawa Addiction Treatment Services & Interventions also has a variety of outpatient treatments. These include group discussions focusing on issues like anxiety and depression, codependency and managing emotions.

These group discussions also come with an individual weekly session.