Prescription Medication Abuse Ottawa

Prescription Medication Abuse Addiction Treatment Ottawa

We offer outpatient treatment for people suffering from prescription medication abuse in Ottawa. These services are located in Britannia Beach in the evening. They are specifically designed for people who can’t attend inpatient sessions because of work obligations or family commitments.

Our staff is dedicated to helping you with your addiction issues. During the admission process, all of our clients are urine screened. They must also agree to abstain while attending any of these outpatient sessions.


The schedule for these outpatient treatments includes sessions on anxiety and depression. In this group, you will learn about the symptoms of these issues. Clients also learn about the interrelationship between emotions, sensations and thoughts.

Patients will also come to understand how prescription medication abuse in Ottawa contributes to the warning signs. Graduates understand how maladaptive thinking adds to their issues. Anxiety and depression can be dealt with in healthy ways with what you’ll learn.

Prescription Medication Abuse Addiction Treatment Ottawa

Sober coaching is another treatment option. This works best for those that have just completed treatment. It’s also a good option for people who are concerned over their drug and alcohol consumption.

Providing a candid history about your consumption is the first step in prescription medication abuse addiction treatment in Ottawa. You’ll also be asked about any other remedies you’ve tried in the past as well as your mental health concerns. It’s also important for us to know about any traumatic events you’ve experienced.

A 15 minute free consultation is then arranged to determine the benefits of sober coaching. After that, we will put together individual objectives and customized plans.

The process focuses on developing self-esteem and self-confidence with a new lifestyle. We provide a framework for life beyond substance abuse and addiction.

We understand that each and every recovery path is personal. That means the approach to sober coaching you will find here is not one-size-fits-all.

Prescription Medication Abuse Rehab Ottawa

Ottawa Addiction Treatment Services & Interventions also supplies interventions designed to help motivate a troubled person to seek change. This part of our prescription medication abuse rehab in Ottawa facility relies on a structured process. A professional intervention mediator is supplied.

This creates the kind of atmosphere where families can express their feelings in a way that’s not confrontational or harsh. To make sure the process is successful, the foundation for these interventions is firm but compassionate at the same time.