Sober Coaching Ottawa

Ottawa Addiction Treatment Services and Interventions offers Sober Coaching in Ottawa to those who may have just completed addiction treatment or perhaps your alcohol/drug consumption has increased over recent months or years. Sober Coaching is a great investment and shows you are serious about change in your life.

How Does It Work?

I will ask you to provide (confidentially) your drinking or drug consumption history, any history of traumatic events, mental health concerns, help or treatment you’ve already tried, where you are currently at and what your goals might be if we work together. We will then arrange an initial “no-charge” 15-minute consultation by phone to help determine if Sober Coaching is right for you.

From there, we get down to work and begin customizing plans and objectives to, in part:

Create a road map to cut back or a slip/relapse prevention strategy

Develop a personalized change plan

Work towards developing self-confidence and self-esteem in this new lifestyle; and look at life beyond substance use, addiction and recovery

Once the early objectives are established, we work to make recovery worthwhile by re-creating a lifestyle that complements your goals whether full abstinence or not.

Recovery is personal. Our approach to sober coaching is not at all “one size fits all” — we help create a plan that works for you. We utilize modern and progressive approaches to help clients change.

This accountability partnership can be one of the most effective tools in sustaining long-term recovery maintenance. I assist you every step of the way, including providing support in between sessions via text or telephone.

Having a sober or recovery coach is intensive, you must commit to meeting at minimum 3 times weekly.

I can work with anyone, anywhere whether in-person, by video, telephone, email/text or a combination of all of that.

The cost for Sober Coaching starts at $2,000 monthly.

For more information on sober coaching in Ottawa, call Ottawa Addiction Treatment Services and Interventions today at 613-602-5940.